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Comments (97)
2012-09-19 - zappo27: Best game ever
2012-07-15 - metobeme: i love this game
2011-07-26 - BLIZZARD321: nice game did you know that this whole game was made entirely from one person . the game is pretty damm good from one person making it
2011-06-20 - franco: the game is kool and wierd and i like it
2011-03-04 - DarkAngel: I think sherwood is amazing, i'm lvl 80 now, thanks for some help from my bf, ^^ I'm rkAgl btw. Haha! I have unicorn & a darkblood raider! its cool!
2011-02-24 - daman9090: like i said i kill lions and dragons but i never get any thing 4 it
2011-02-04 - daman9090: sherwood is 2 boring i kill lions and dragons but i get nothing for killing 1 of them and the only thing i have is a shield and a sword.Can other people give me something.So i say sherwood is the most dumest game on the wed site and if any of u like sherwood I HATE YOU SO MUCH
2010-08-05 - scarlett5143: its wierd
2010-08-05 - scarlett5143: i love this game itsa sooo kool!!!!!
2010-07-27 - dilon: cool game
2010-07-27 - dilon: I for got my name
2010-07-26 - Dario: i forgot my username what cani do!
2010-07-25 - rextron: this game is cool im lvl 15 on this game so far
2010-07-06 - braydoman: cool i guess
2010-06-04 - hotkid: this game rocks ass
2010-04-23 - Anonymous: This game is fantastic really enjoy playing it
2010-04-21 - Anonymous: ayla is bored coz she dont know wat this games is supposed to be!
2010-04-21 - Anonymous: P.S. my name on sherwood is AllenKidd is you see me add me :)
2010-04-21 - Anonymous: This game is so FUN! I like it alot this is my forst time playing it i would alway's see it in Top Rated list and never go so i decided to play it and wala...
2010-04-21 - Anonymous: ayla it is good you are naste
2010-04-21 - Anonymous: Sooo boring =[
2010-04-18 - Anonymous: this game is the best its almost like world of warcraft
2010-04-11 - Anonymous: I LOVE TO IGGY ICEKILLEZ
2010-04-10 - Anonymous: it is aserm
2010-04-10 - Anonymous: and tak a way the sin wot had on the hors and i will be on its sid
2010-04-10 - Anonymous: i think the sherwood teme shud have more plasers and i no at you have gifts but i think and the gifts suh have the crechers sud be a gift and the carerier in a coloe
2010-04-09 - Anonymous: who wanna join TQA just go to stone circle room 1 :)
2010-04-08 - Anonymous: hiya this games is fantastic :):):):):):)
2010-04-05 - Anonymous: Meet room 61 type /join61 at 7 o'clock wednesday eastern usa time so you can join warlords.Cya there.
2010-04-04 - Anonymous: game wont load :(
2010-04-04 - Anonymous: hi jordann do you still love me
2010-04-04 - Anonymous: THIS GAME IS COOOOOOOL
2010-04-04 - Anonymous: HI BABY BOY R WHAT LEVEL ARE YOU
2010-04-03 - Anonymous: hi warcraft i will see you in sherwood now
2010-04-02 - Anonymous: The clan moved once again.SO you can now find me in teleport1 room90 emerald server.Warlords are taking anyone with loyalty and clan experience.Thats all.Thanks and cya in sherwood.
2010-04-02 - Anonymous: i am the total loser in this game.and in real life i sell lemonade so I can pay my garbage can rent.sorry for lying.i'm playing on stolen lep-top
2010-04-02 - Anonymous: Hi aditya..find me in Sherwood if u need a help n team..i will be there for u..juzz tell me when u play Character name is (WARCRAFT) :D
2010-04-02 - Anonymous: hi everyone i am new i am in sherwood now
2010-04-01 - Anonymous: Who's need a help??juzz tell me what's your problem..Find me in this game-(WARCRAFT)-my lvel is me :D
2010-03-31 - Anonymous: ok thank you
2010-03-31 - Anonymous: agony is on isle of HEROES u will find him at the back of the coliseum in the glowing stones
2010-03-30 - Anonymous: Ok.My base is room 17 ruby server.Ill be there from 5:00pm-6:00pm.Visit the clan site @
2010-03-30 - Anonymous: where can i find rgeat spider agony?
2010-03-29 - Anonymous: i be ur team bigboss...thnx for respect me...
2010-03-29 - Anonymous: i like it
2010-03-29 - Anonymous: i like this game..yeaaa so cool..i hope this game can be more modern and be number 1 chating and war games :D
2010-03-28 - Anonymous: Hey i really like u WARCRAFT..plis be my team..u are so strong..i see u fights the big black spider alone and win..
2010-03-27 - Anonymous: Hello BabyBoyR..i will find u at your base..i wanna be ur team if u want :D..My character name is (WARCRAFT) my lvel is 23
2010-03-25 - Anonymous: Hello.I am a very good trainer in this game.I also have a clan called WreckSquad.Type /join43 and you will be at my base.I will be there from 6 o'clock-7 o' clock pm u.s.a eastern time.Have a nice time playing swd.First person to join gets 3 gifts.
2010-03-24 - Anonymous: this game is so so so so cooollll...this is the best online games ever..
2010-03-21 - Anonymous: i been playin diss game for a year and joined a clan called ctk...yall should join it..its in emmy room 72 :D
2010-03-20 - Anonymous: im lvl 32 with 1236 coin
2010-03-20 - Anonymous: this game roc ks!!!
2010-03-19 - Anonymous: i love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
2010-03-12 - Anonymous: it rocks when your lvl.21
2010-03-12 - Anonymous: yeah man i love it :)
2010-03-10 - Anonymous: This is the best game on this site lol :)
2010-02-27 - Anonymous: i want to get a animal on sherwood for free
2010-02-14 - Anonymous: hey guys i am right now on sherwod any body wanna join?
2010-02-11 - Anonymous: i was roming around smashin games and i was bored i had been sad cause my WoW trial had ended and i missed it i was loking around for multiplayer games like it b had given up hope of ever finding one jus as awesome! then i came on the page where it had sherwood and from the picture i thought it was like Wow so i said "eh what th hell" i tried it and it was awesomer then Wow so i made an account now this was on 14th november of 2009 that day a guy came up to me and said "wanna join a clan?" i said yh and ive been in BW ever since!
2010-02-07 - Anonymous: Indeed, really cool like army of destruction
2010-02-06 - Anonymous: awsome game
2010-02-06 - Anonymous: who cares
2010-02-06 - Anonymous: 2 years ago I started playing its awsome
2010-02-04 - Anonymous: thumbs up for nothin
2010-02-03 - Anonymous: thisis fun but i want to get into free realms because he thinks its bad fr peple to see our email address is it bad and do you get junky email stuff from free realms??????????? please reply
2010-02-03 - Anonymous: Sherwood-super!
2010-02-02 - Anonymous: THE BEST!
2010-01-31 - Anonymous: awesome
2010-01-31 - Anonymous: i like it and i love it
2010-01-30 - Anonymous: this game is coo :) Lol
2010-01-30 - Anonymous: this game is cool, but i hate wen people hit me with the =)
2010-01-27 - Anonymous: anyone want to meet me on sherwood
2010-01-27 - Anonymous: im a guest but it saves eh
2010-01-26 - Anonymous: lol
2010-01-24 - Anonymous: this game is the best!!!!! :)
2010-01-23 - Anonymous: hey all people that play gust let all people get spiders and the rest of the animals in sherwood dungen love jeremiah
2010-01-16 - Anonymous: very fun game:)
2010-01-14 - Anonymous: it is good
2010-01-06 - Anonymous: this game is my favorite in hole world
2010-01-06 - Anonymous: Hey! does anyone know how I can play these games? they say Click here download plugin but I can't work out how the hell I can use it.... pleaze, anyone?
2010-01-05 - Anonymous: this is one of my fav games on this web site fly like a bird 2 is only better one
2010-01-01 - Anonymous: i am a guy and this is asewome
2009-12-31 - Anonymous: im already level 17 this game is asewome and i am 16
2009-12-30 - Anonymous: no im not on that yet and i nvr will be chump.
2009-12-30 - Anonymous: this game is a really good game it is the best i have played
2009-12-30 - Anonymous: is any of u on marian 's world? pls reply
2009-12-30 - Anonymous: This game is really fun.Though i am a girl i like it.Surely,Club Marian & Marian 's World will be as cool as this.Thumbs up for this:-)
2009-12-23 - Anonymous: hey i have beaten the game ihave won the top amount
2009-12-19 - Anonymous: change in plans meet at same place an time all thow my new name is Vampire-Diary ok meet me thare boys look for old riteings for more!
2009-12-14 - Anonymous: das ist so geildas spiel
2009-12-12 - Anonymous: das schnste
2009-12-11 - Anonymous: este juego si que mola jaja jejeje jaja jajajajaja
2009-12-10 - Anonymous: u will see me on it alllllllll the time its osommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!! an meet me on sat 19 on club marian boys.psim in room 99 at oak tree.see u thare bie my name is user.
2009-12-06 - Anonymous: I love this game yeeeeaaaaa sherwood
2009-12-05 - Anonymous: Esse jogo eh muito bom, ele eh o melhor do mundo inteiro
2009-12-04 - Anonymous: este juego es el mejor de el mudo

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